Flying off on business and need your trip to run perfectly? Nomad are here for you.

Whatever your occupation, Nomad can help to make sure your trip is a smooth one. Whether you need equipment to keep your gadgets ticking along or need to ensure your health is tip top and doesn’t get in the way of THAT important meeting coming up, we are here. However we sadly personally can’t join you at work, you’ll have to do that bit on your own!

Business Kit

  • Caribee Foldaway Daypack

    Caribee Fold-Away Daypack

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  • Caribee Retro Bag in Grey

    Caribee Retro 26

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  • Caribee Skymaster Bag

    Caribee Sky Master 40 Carry-On

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  • Core Medical Kit

    Core Medical Kit

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  • Lifesystems Pocket First Aid Kit in Pouch

    Pocket First Aid Kit

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  • Pits & Bits Towel Off Body Wash

    Pits & Bits Towel Off Body Wash

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  • Pits & Bits Shampoo

    Pits & Bits Shampoo

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  • Pits & Bits Antibacterial Body Wash

    Pits & Bits Antibacterial Body Wash

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  • Travel Sentry Case Lock and Keys

    Design Go Travel Sentry Case Lock Single

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  • Sterile Pro Kit Red Pouch

    Sterile Pro Kit

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  • Mini Sterile Kit Red Pouch

    Mini Sterile Kit

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Backpacking Medical Kit
The Ultimate

The Ultimate is your ideal backpacking medical kit!
Stay healthy and make the most every moment with everything you need to treat the most common ailments & injuries, including two prescription medicines.



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