Nomad Manchester is located on Bridge Street. As one of the leading providers of travel & occupational health services in the UK since 1990, Nomad have assisted thousands of people to ensure they leave prepared for their trip or ready to work in healthcare. As well as general advice about your destination, medical kits, travel vaccinations and malaria tablets, you will also be able to discuss any health issues you might be worried about when travelling abroad. We offer a complete occupational health service; vaccines and tests as required by some employers to start or continue work.

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We offer vaccinations for the following travel diseases:

Yellow FeverDiphtheria/Tetanus/PolioTyphoidHepatitis A & Typhoid Combined, Hepatitis AHepatitis A (Junior), Hepatitis BHepatitis B (Junior), Hepatitis A & B combined, CholeraRabies, Meningitis ACWY,Japanese EncephalitisTick Borne Encephalitis, Flu Vaccination (Seasonal), MMR, Varicella, Shingles.

If you are experiencing issues or are trying to book on an Apple iOS device or Safari browser, please call 01341 555 061 and we will arrange your booking over the phone.

Why Nomad?

  • Last minute travel health advice
  • Complicated itineraries
  • Complex health and existing medical conditions
  • Helping travellers stay healthy for over 25 years

Please Note Before Booking:

  • Please call 01341555061 if you require any of the following services – Meningtis B, Shingles, Chickenpox , MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella), Whooping Cough, Post-Exposure Rabies Testing or Blood Testing
  • Our nurses will advise on the scheduling of your vaccinations at your first appointment. We recommend starting your course of vaccinations 6-8 weeks prior to departure, but we can cater for last-minute travellers
  • If you are able to, please bring records of your vaccination history to your appointment
  • If you require Typhoid or Cholera, please do not eat or drink for one hour before your appointment
  • We offer vaccination and anti-malarials to children aged 9 months and over. Please call 01341555061 if you have further questions about your child’s vaccinations
  • If the person attending the appointment does not speak English fluently, please arrange someone to attend the appoinment as an interpreter. Unfortunately the nurse may not be able to undertake a consultation if this has not been arranged