Yellow Fever Vaccine Details

Yellow Fever is spread by infected mosquitoes normally from sunrise to sunset and is endemic in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and South America. During outbreaks it has up to a 50% mortality rate and therefore the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends vaccination against Yellow Fever if travelling to affected regions.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

Some countries require a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate proving vaccination before allowing entry. A single vaccine certificate lasts for life for most people and is available only at registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres, including Nomad Travel Clinics.

Avoiding Yellow Fever

Insect bite avoidance is essential. This includes covering up with long, loose clothing, frequently reapplying repellents on exposed skin and sleeping under insecticide treated mosquito nets. Find out more about ways to avoid insect bites.

Age of UseDoses RequiredScheduleTime Before TravelBooster Required
9 months+1-10 daysLifelong for most people

Risk Areas