We now offer a range of comprehensive psychosocial health services, including pre-, mid and post resilience briefings. We offer a range of services that provide resources & training for dealing with trauma and stress, particularly useful for those working in difficult situations internationally. All our appointments are offered remotely unless specified otherwise. Training can be offered in-house and bespoke training packages can be developed.

Health & Wellbeing

We can provide professional counselling for anyone who may be experiencing burnout or stress, or is struggling with other challenges in their life. Our highly experienced mental health professionals offer coaching on work/life balance and enhancing your wellbeing. Stress management consultations enable individuals to create a stress management plan and learn to recognise the stress response in themselves & others, which is vital for deployments to difficult environments. We can also offer supervision to anyone managing staff through challenging situations.


We offer a range of training courses for staff working internationally, which can be tailored to suit your individual or team requirements. Learn how to identify psychosocial health issues, whether it’s stress, burnout or trauma and remain resilient. We can train you in how to provide psychological first aid, which is vital for teams on deployment who may not have mental health professionals on hand.


Our pre, mid & post assignment pathways are designed to prepare you for deployment, to assess your wellbeing during your deployment and to provide you with an opportunity to reflect and debrief upon return. We will assess your needs pre deployment and enhance your resilience by offering useful coping strategies.

Trauma Services

We offer a range of trauma services to groups or individuals who have experienced a traumatic event. We can assess trauma symptoms & identify on-going support required. We can provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) and debriefing, which focuses on understanding trauma symptoms & building coping strategies.