Nomad offer a range of doctor-led screening services, aimed at the non-governmental organization (NGO), humanitarian and corporate sectors. We assess the health and wellbeing of travellers including expatriate workers before, after or during travel, to determine their fitness to travel and work internationally. We take into account existing health conditions, travel and work related hazards in your destination and region of work and the quality and availability of medical care locally.

Our physicians have broad experience in global health and travel medicine, with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases. They work together with our nurses who conduct a full risk assessment and provide appropriate vaccines and malaria prophylaxis to ensure travellers are adequately protected. We recognise the potential for stress and trauma when working internationally and can refer individuals for specialist psychosocial assessment and training as appropriate.

Medical Clearance Screening

Pre-deployment screening ensures that workers and their families are prepared mentally and physically to work overseas. We undertake a full physical examination and run a range of laboratory tests to determine their fitness to travel. With patient consent, we can provide a certificate for their employer. Face-to-face screenings are available in our London City travel clinic.

Remote Medical Clearance Screening

We offer remote screenings pre, mid and post travel to organisations’ team members anywhere in the world. It’s easy to monitor the wellbeing of your team members wherever they are based and ensure they get proper advice on where to access any required treatment.

Medical Diagnostic Consultation

Many tropical diseases may only cause illness weeks or months after the person has returned. Nomad’s post-exposure screening is designed to ensure no health problems have occurred while the individual was overseas.

Returning travellers who are unwell, or who may have been exposed to tropical disease, can attend for an in-depth medical consultation. We can carry out a range of tests, depending on the person’s symptoms and their country of exposure. A fully equipped-laboratory is available to our clinic for the diagnosis of parasitic and tropical diseases.

Anyone who is severely ill or has suspected malaria is advised to seek emergency NHS treatment. Please call 111.