Short Term Screening

Short Term Screening (STS) is an online screening service led by experienced Nomad nurses.

Some organisations require their staff to have a medical screening prior to their deployment or mission. This is usually done by our doctors; however, STS is designed for people who are only travelling for a short period of time (< 4 months), will be within 12-24 hours of medical care at their destination, and do not have any complex medical issues.

Please be aware that this form will only be processed if it has been authorised by your sending organisation. Please aim to complete the following STS form as soon as possible, and certainly within 1 week of receiving the notification. Please give as much detail as possible, including dates and duration of any illnesses, hospital admissions, any other disorders etc. There are sections of the form where you can upload supporting documents. If you need to present any further documents on completion of the form, please send these to Once your form and any additional information is received, Nomad aim to give you a reply within 2-3 working days. If an answer to a question means that you are not appropriate to be assessed through STS you will be notified immediately upon submitting the form to allow you to be booking in for a full medical screening.


Please ensure that you give full and careful answers to ALL questions that are relevant to you, to ensure Nomad have all the information and to avoid any delay in giving you your health screening outcome. Please note that Nomad cannot take any responsibility for illnesses, which either arise or worsen overseas, or for conditions that are not declared on this form. In addition, there are health risks involved in travelling overseas which cannot always be avoided or prevented. If you have any significant changes to your health AFTER completing this form, please contact Nomad directly by emailing


Your response to this form will be processed by one of the specialist Travel Health nurses at Nomad and information will be stored confidentially & securely. The Nurse may occasionally need to liaise with other Nomad clinicians to determine the outcome of your STS. This form is confidential within Nomad and will not be shared with your organisation. Sometimes organisations request information, but this would only be shared with your permission.

All questions marked ‘*’ are required, you cannot proceed until you have answered these questions