• Throat & nasal express PCR test – self-swab at home
  • Detects an active COVID-19 Coronavirus infection
  • Results within 24 – 48 hours
  • Same day courier from your home to the lab included
  • Money back guarantee (terms apply)
  • Travel certificate included
Express Fit-To-Fly COVID PCR test

Nomad can provide a COVID-19 travel certificate with your express PCR swab test results. The certificate supports your ability to travel where a COVID-19 negative test result is required, or to return to work if your employer is requesting a negative result. Your certificate outlines your test result as well as the method of testing.

The Nomad Money Back Guarantee

We proudly offer a money back guarantee for Express pre-travel PCR testing. If we do not return your results within 48 hours from when your sample is picked up by the courier, we’ll refund the cost of your PCR test. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full terms and applicable conditions.

Private COVID-19 testing – Why choose Nomad?

  • Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident that we will get results back to you within 48 hours that we offer a money back guarantee for pre-travel PCR testing. If we do not return your results within 48 hours from when your sample is collected by our courier, we will refund the initial cost of your PCR test and associated courier charges. Conditions apply, please see our Terms & Conditions for full terms
  • Same Day Couriers: This Express service includes a personal courier to collect your swab from your home and drop it off directly to the lab on the same day. This means your swab arrives sooner which in turn means we can get those results to you quickly, without fear of the swab being lost or delayed in the post. Money Back Guarantee only applies to the Express PCR option
  • Turnaround time: With most providers offering a 48-72 hours service at best often longer, we realised quickly this was not fast enough, the majority of countries require a test within 72 hours maximum. Our clients wanted to know if they were ok to travel before they left home, not at the airport. So, we’ve worked hard to make sure our turnaround time is always under 48 hours. Since we have started recording this date last year, our turnaround is actually 20.14 hours. This year we have so far not breached our 48 hour turnaround time a single time.
  • Customer Service: We’re available from 7am until 10pm to help you understanding your COVID testing requirements. We quickly realised how stressful our clients can find pre-travel PCR testing requirements, so we put on extra team members to provide customer support.
  • Experience: We’ve been travel health experts for nearly 30 years and work with some of the UK’s largest corporates, airlines and humanitarian organisations. They choose Nomad so that they don’t have to worry about poor customer service, delayed test results and missed flights.

When should i use the express coronavirus PCR self-test kit?

The express coronavirus PCR swab test is ideal for anyone who needs to prove a negative COVID-19 infection results for travel or work. The express PCR test ensures results are returned to you within 48 hours of your swab sample being collected by our courier. If your destination country has entry requirements for a COVID-19 travel certificate that is dated with 72 hours of your departure/arrival – the express coronavirus PCR test is the appropriate test to meet these requirements.

How does the coronavirus self-test PCR swab kit work?

  • Enter the required personal details for your Fit-To-Fly certificate and Add to Basket
  • Complete your order, entering the additional required order and delivery details
  • As you are purchasing the Express PCR with included Same Day Courier delivery of your swab sample, we will contact you to arrange courier collection of your sample via email & phone after you have completed your order

    You must respond to our team contacting you – please answer any calls with ‘No Caller ID’ & remember to regularly check your inboxes, including junk & spam

  • We will send your pre-travel PCR test in the lead up to your departure so you can meet testing requirements and get your results & certificate before you start your journey
  • Once you receive your pre-travel PCR swab kit, use the provided instructions to activate your test kit through the laboratory Kits Activation Portal – you will need the barcode from your test tube and the PIN affixed to the plastic bag that holds your test tube.
  • Once your swab test kit is activated, collect your swab sample using the provided instructions
  • Package your sample as instructed and await collection of your sample by courier. If your courier is late – contact covidtesting@nomadtravel.co.uk ASAP
  • Once it is received by the laboratory, your sample will be analysed, and results returned within 24 hours, including your travel certificate (if you test negative)

It is essential that the instructions are followed exactly to ensure that your kit is activated, and your sample is correctly obtained & sufficient for coronavirus infection testing.
Using the email provided when you activate your self-test kit, we will send a link to your online results documents along with security instructions.

How much does the express coronavirus pcr swab cost?

The Nomad express coronavirus PCR self-test kit including covid-19 travel certificate costs from £350. The cost of the express coronavirus PCR test includes free Next Day delivery of the swab test kit and a same day courier collection from your home to the lab

How will I receive my coronavirus self-test PCR swab results?

Once the laboratory has completed their analysis of your sample, we will send your results to the email address provided when activating your express coronavirus self-test kit online.

When should i use the express coronavirus PCR self-test kit?

The express covid-19 test takes up to 48 hours to get your results. This is the maximum time it will take from from when your sample is collected by our courier. This ensures travel certificates are dated in accordance with some countries requirement for certificates dated up to 72 hours before arrival/departure. We cannot ensure the same turnaround times if you use your own courier or the optional free Royal Mail return postage & packing.

Does Nomad offer a money back guarantee for pre-travel PCR testing?

Yes – we are very confident that we are one of the few providers that won’t let you down. We guarantee our 48 hours turnaround time for pre-travel PCR test results. If you don’t get your results within 48 hours from when your sample is collect by our courier, we’ll refund the cost of your PCR test and any associated courier fees. Please read our Terms & Conditions for applicable terms.

What are the possible results of the self-test?

Your results documents will include your results, which will be either Negative or Positive. You will be provided with information to help you understand your coronavirus self-test kits results.

There is a 1% chance your test result can come back as Inconclusive and the lab will inform us that you need a retest. There are a number of factors why this happens and the lab will not be able to be too specific. Inconclusive tests mean the lab can not prove you DID NOT have Covid-19 when you were tested, you will be advised to not fly by our team until you are retested. and no certificate will be provided.

What if i have further questions about my coronavirus test results?

Our expert clinicians are available to answer your questions regarding your coronavirus self-test kit results. Contact us anytime if you need guidance. We have team members available from 7am to 10pm to answer your questions & get your testing arranged according to the guidance.

About coronavirus self-test analysis

Specialist laboratories are able to analyse swab samples to see if COVID-19 coronavirus is present. If the virus is present in your sample, you are currently infected with COVID-19.

Can I use this express PCR swab test to help me with international travel and return to work?

Yes – You may also be able to use this test kit as a means of supporting entry to another country or for return to work purposes. There are currently inconsistencies with both return to work and international travel regulations. Different countries and employers have different regulations, and these regulations are changing rapidly. You must check with your employer, insurer and airline as to their individual & specific constraints around travel & COVID-19 testing.

Nomad can help by providing you with a COVID-19 Certificate for Travel with both our PCR & Antibody testing services. This certificate helps to support the validity of your test result.

Nomad cannot take any responsibility for those who are refused entry to a country, airline or work place with a Nomad test result & certificate. This PCR test result certificate is to support the validity of your test results. It by no means will guarantee your entry to a country, airline or work place.

Please ensure you read and understand the following important information:

This is a self-sample kit for use at home. You must follow the included instructions carefully as you are responsible for accurate sample collection

There are inconsistencies with both return to work & international travel regulations. Additionally, these regulations are changing rapidly

We are unable to accept returns of COVID-19 test kits. Due to the time constraints required for certificated COVID testing, we process & dispatch orders for COVID tests quickly. Once your kit has been dispatched, we are unable to cancel your order as the kit cannot be reused. You may keep the kit for future travel or return to work testing requirements. If you need to cancel an order, please contact us on 01341 555061 or covidtesting@nomadtravel.co.uk as soon as you can

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