• Basic service PCR home test kit (self swab)
  • Our cheapest PCR test – £43
  • Results in up to 72 hours (24 hours of sample being received by the lab)
  • Royal Mail return postage of your sample included
  • Travel certificate included
  • Detects an active COVID-19 Coronavirus infection
  • UKAS accredited external laboratory provider – Oncologica

Nomad offers a basic pre-travel PCR testing service, our cheapest option for COVID testing for travel. Our economical service includes a simple to use self-test kit, free pirority Royal Mail return postage and a certificate for travel.

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When should i use the basic coronavirus PCR self-test kit?

You may want to use coronavirus self-test to fulfill your pre-travel COVID testing requirements. This basic service is for those travellers who are not as concerned with turnaround times. Although we endevour to get results back to you within 72 hours – this service relies on Royal Mail to return your sample to our laboratory partner and delays may occur. If you have strict test timing requirements, we recommend using our Express PCR testing service.

How does the coronavirus self-test pcr swab kit work?

It’s simple to complete your pre-travel PCR testing through Nomads partner labortatory Oncologica / Coronafocus:

  • Use the Coronafocus portal (external link) to place your order with our laboratory partner
  • Enter your details and select the testing service you require (PCR Test – £43)
  • Our laboratory partner will send your swab test kit by next day delivery
  • Instructions sent on booking on the Oncologica / Coronafocus portal (external link) will explain how to register and activate your test kit in the online customer dashboard using the unique password sent to the booking contact and email address. The date and time the swab is taken must be entered in the online customer dashboard to enable lab processing.
  • Once your swab test kit is activated, collect your swab sample using the provided instructions
  • Package your sample as instructed and use the provided return mail labelling to post your swab sample using any of the 1000’s of Royal Mail COVID-19 priority post boxes
  • Once it is received by the laboratory, you sample will be analysed and results returned using the information you supplied

It is essential that the instructions are followed carefully to ensure that your kit is activated, and your sample is correctly obtained & sufficient for coronavirus infection testing.

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from our laboratory partner

How much does the coronavirus self-test pcr swab kit cost?

The Nomad basic COVID PCR test costs £43. The kit includes pre-paid postage for returning your sample to our laboratory.

How will i receive my coronavirus self-test pcr swab results?

Once the laboratory has completed their analysis of your sample, they will send your results to the email address you provided when activating your coronavirus self-test kit online.

How long does it take to get coronavirus pcr swab self-test results?

The express covid-19 test takes up to 72 hours to get your results. It takes up to 24 hours for the lab to return your results from when they receive your swab sample. This basic PCR test service includes Royal Mail priority return postage of your swab sample – please be aware that there can be delays to the Royal Mail service. If you have strict time constraints for pre-travel PCR testing, we aso offer an Express PCR service.

What are the possible results of the self-test?

Your results documents will include your results, which will be either Negative or Positive. You will also be provided with information to help you understand your coronavirus self-test kits results.

There is a 1% chance your test result can come back as Inconclusive and the lab will inform us that you need a retest. There are a number of factors why this happens and the lab will not be able to be too specific. Inconclusive tests mean the lab can not prove you DID NOT have Covid-19 when you were tested, you will be advised to not fly until you are retested. and no certificate will be provided.

What if i have further questions about my coronavirus self-test kit results?

This basic pre-travel PCR test is provided by our laboratory partner Oncologica / Coronafocus. For support with your order, contact Oncologica directly by email: helpdesk@oncologica.net or by phone: 01223 785 327. Nomad is not able to provide follow-up support on your test results when you order the basic PCR service.

About coronavirus self-test analysis

Specialist laboratories are able to analyse swab samples to see if COVID-19 coronavirus is present. If the virus is present in your sample, you are currently infected with COVID-19.

Can I use this PCR test to help me with international travel and return to work?

Yes – You may also be able to use this test kit as a means of supporting entry to another country or for return to work purposes. There are currently inconsistencies with both return to work and international travel regulations. Different countries and employers have different regulations, and these regulations are changing rapidly. You must check with your employer, insurer and airline as to their individual & specific constraints around travel & COVID-19 testing. This certificate helps to support the validity of your test result.

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