• In-clinic throat & nasal swab test
  • Sample collected by a Nomad clinician at select clinic locations
  • Detects an active COVID-19 infection
  • Express results in up to 48 hours
  • Optional travel certificate (£15)
  • Higher level of accuracy than home testing options
Covid-19 PCR swab test in-clinic

We are pleased to now offer Coronavirus PCR Tests In-Clinic. You will visit a Nomad clinic, where nurse will take a swab sample from your throat & nasal tissue. The sample will undergo laboratory analysis that has a <98% accuracy rate at detecting an active COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

Please ensure you read and understand the following important information:

  • This is for in-clinic Coronavirus PCR swab testing in-clinic at select Nomad locations. For home testing, order a PCR self test swab kit
  • This test kit is for detection of the live coronavirus indicating a current infection. To determine whether you were previously infected with the virus, you will require Coronavirus Antibody Testing In-Clinic
  • There are inconsistencies with both return to work & international travel regulations. Additionally, these regulations are changing rapidly

How Much Does the Coronavirus PCR Test In-Clinic Cost?

Coronavirus PCR Swab Test In-Clinic costs from £145, with an optional additional travel certificate (£15). Express PCR Test In-Clinic (results in up to 48 hours) costs from £195 and includes a travel certificate. Sameday courier fees (£20) will also be charegable, with discounts up to 20% on sameday courier fees for groups & families of 3 or more.

How Does the Coronavirus PCR Test In-Clinic Work?

A Nomad clinician will take your swab sample in-clinic during an appointment. Your sample will be sent to our laboratory. Specialist laboratory swab sample analysis will identify whether the COVID-19 coronavirus virus is present. If the virus is present in your sample, you are currently infected with COVID-19.

To request in-clinic coronavirus PCR swab test in-clinic, book an appointment at Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester or London- City. Alternatively, complete the form below & we’ll be in touch soon to book an appointment.

How will I receive my coronavirus PCR test in-clinic results?

Once the laboratory has completed their analysis of your sample, we will send your results to the email address you provided during your appointment for a coronavirus PCR test in-clinic. You will have secure access to view & download your results.

What are the possible results of the coronavirus PCR test in-clinic?

Your results documents will include your results, which will be either Negative or Positive. You will also be provided with information to help you understand your coronavirus in-clinic test results.

Can I use this PCR test to help me with international travel and return to work?

Yes – You may also be able to use this test as a means of supporting entry to another country or for return to work purposes. There are currently inconsistencies with both return to work and international travel regulations. Different countries and employers have different regulations, and these regulations are changing rapidly. You must check with your employer, insurer and airline as to their individual & specific constraints around travel & COVID-19 testing. This certificate helps to support the validity of your test result.

Book Coronavirus PCR Test in-Clinic

In-clinic COVID-19 PCR swab testing is currently available at select Nomad clinic locations. Select your local clinic below to book an appointment or call 01341 555061

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