• Test To Release for International Travel
  • UK Government approved provider
  • Detects an active COVID-19 infection
  • Early release from self-isolation if your results is negative
  • Sample collected by a Nomad clinician
  • Results in no more than 48 hours of our courier collecting your sample
  • TTR certificate provided
Test to Release for International Travel COVID-19 Testing

Nomad offers Test to Release Coronavirus testing at Nomad clinics. Nomad is a UK government Test to Release approved provider. You will visit a Nomad clinic, where a clinician will take a swab sample from your throat & nasal tissue. The sample will undergo laboratory analysis that has a ≥98% accuracy rate at detecting an active COVID-19 coronavirus infection. During your appointment, your Nomad clinician will properly collect a sample to achieve accurate results. We learnt early on that this option to be swabbed by a clinician was really important to you, and it helps to reduce inconclusive results. We are one of the only companies that offers this level of support as standard.

Please ensure you read and understand the following important information:

  • This is for in-clinic Test to Release Coronavirus testing in-clinic at select Nomad locations
  • This test kit is for detection of the live coronavirus indicating a current infection for those participating in the Test to Release scheme
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your test is booked to take place on or after the 5th full day of self-isolation. See the example below as a guide or Contact Us if you need help booking your test for an appropriate time
  • Check the latest government information on the Test to Release scheme to check if you are eligible to opt-in before booking your appointment

How Much Does the Test to Release Coronavirus Test Cost?

Test to Release COVID-19 testing costs from £170. Sameday courier fees (£20) will also be chargeable, with discounts up to 20% on sameday courier fees for groups & families of 3 or more. Our couriers collect swab samples from the clinic at 5pm each day. Your results will be returned within 48 hours of this courier collection. We can arrange an earlier courier collection of your sample for an additional charge.

When Should I book Test to Release COVID-19 testing?

Your Test to Release test appointment should be booked to take place on or after the 5th full day of self-isolation.
Example: you depart a country on Monday morning and arrive in the UK on Monday afternoon. Tuesday will be your first full day of self-isolation. You can take a test no earlier than your 5th full day of self-isolation. Your appointment must be on or after Saturday. You must continue to self-isolate while you await your test result. If you were to book a test for earlier than 3pm Saturday, your result will be denied by the UK government.

How Does the Test to Release In-Clinic Testing Work?

Book your Test to Release appointment below & we will provide you with a test booking reference. Enter details of your test when you opt-in to the Test to Release scheme on your passenger locator form as part of your preparations to return to the UK.

During your appointment, a Nomad clinician will take your swab sample. Your sample will then be sent to our laboratory by courier. Specialist laboratory swab sample analysis will identify whether the COVID-19 coronavirus virus is present. If no virus is detected, you will be able to stop self-isolating as soon as you receive your result. If the virus is present in your sample, you are currently infected with COVID-19 and will be required to self-isolate for 10 days. Your results will be returned within 48 hours of your sample being collected from the clinic.

To complete Test to Release COVID-19 testing, book an appointment below

How will I receive my Test to Release coronavirus test results?

Once the laboratory has completed their analysis of your sample, we will send your results to the email address you provided during your Test to Release appointment. You will have secure access to view & download your results.

What if i have further questions about my coronavirus test results?

Our expert clinicians are available to answer your questions regarding your coronavirus self-test kit results. Contact us anytime if you need guidance. We have team members available from 7am to 10pm to answer your questions & get your testing arranged according to the guidance.

What are the possible results of the Test to Release coronavirus test?

Your results documents will include your results, which will be either Negative, Positive or Inconclusive. You will also be provided with information to help you understand your coronavirus in-clinic test results.

Can I use Test to Release to help me with international travel and return to work?

Yes – we are an approved provider of Test to Release COVID-19 testing. Eligible passengers can choose to opt-in to the Test to Release scheme to reduce their self-isolation time. We will provide you with a test booking reference that you can enter with your opt-in details on the passenger locator form before departing on your return to the UK.

Book Test to Release Coronavirus Testing

In-clinic Test to Release COVID-19 testing is currently available at select Nomad clinic locations. Select your local clinic below to book an appointment or call 01341 555061

Throughout the pandemic, Nomad is committed to continue to provide travel health and COVID testing services to the public. We expect anyone to booking services with us to be aware of and adhering to any current law relating to permittable reasons for international travel. The details of which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus. Clients should also be aware of restrictions relating to travel inside the UK, particularly in relation to crossing the English/Welsh border, the details of which can be found here: https://gov.wales/alert-level-4


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