• UKAS accredited laboratory partners
  • Testing for unvaccinated arrivals from non-Red List destinations
  • Book Day 2 Self-Test Kits
  • Results returned within 24 hours
  • Free Delivery of your test kits
  • Free swab sample return postage included

Nomad can provide Day 2 testing for international arrivals through our laboratory partner Oncologica / Coronafocus. Testing on day 2 is mandatory for some international arrivals. Results of your swab tests will be shared with Public Health England (PHE) and used to track cases and variants of COVID-19 coronavirus entering the UK. Order your Day 2 Tests from the portal below.

Partially/Unvaccinated Arrivals

Day 2 PCR Testing £43

  • Day 2 testing for partially/unvaccinated passengers
  • Included delivery to your isolation location and return swab sample postage
  • Receive a link via email to generate a booking reference necessary to complete your Passenger Locator Form (PLF) 48 hours before travel to the UK

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How does the Day 2 testing for international arrivals work?

It’s simple to complete your mandatory day 2 PCR testing for international arrivals through Nomads partner laboratory Oncologica / Coronafocus:

  • Order Day 2 PCR Testing £43 using the portal below
  • As required by the UK Government, our laboratory partner will send your swab test kits to arrive in time for your 2nd day testing requirement
  • Instructions sent on ordering will explain how to register and activate your test kit in the online customer dashboard using the unique password sent to the booking contact and email address. The date and time the swab is taken must be entered in the online customer dashboard to enable lab processing.
  • Once your swab test kit is activated, collect your swab sample using the provided instructions
  • Package your sample as instructed and use the provided return mail labelling to post your swab sample using any of the 1000’s of Royal Mail COVID-19 priority post boxes
  • Once it is received by the laboratory, you sample will be analysed and results returned using the information you supplied

It is essential that the instructions are followed carefully to ensure that your kit is activated, and your sample is correctly obtained & sufficient for coronavirus infection testing.

Partially/Unvaccinated Arrivals from non-Red List countries:  Day 2 PCR Testing £43

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When should I use the Day 2 testing for international arrivals self-test package?

The Day 2 testing for international arrivals can be used by anyone required to take part in mandatory COVID-19 infection testing on arrival to the UK. Taken on day 2 of self-isolation, the test will track COVID-19 cases entering the UK. If your day 2 swab sample is positive, your sample will be subject to genome sequencing to determine which variant you were infected with.

How much does Day 2 testing for international arrivals cost?

Nomad’s Day 2 testing for international arrivals costs £43

The Day 2 PCR Test Package £43 includes:

  • 2 swab test kits; 1 x Day 2 test
  • Free Delivery – our partner laboratory will deliver each of your swab testing days at no extra cost to you
  • Returns postage included to send your samples to our partner laboratory
  • Analysis of your swab samples, and any required genome sequencing of positive samples
  • Results returned to you within 24 hours (from when they have been received by the laboratory), and also communicated to Public Health England (PHE) as required

Each swab test kit contains:

  • A swab collection kit
  • Instructions on how to accurately collect your swab samples
  • Return postage labelling for you to send each of your swab samples on to our laboratory in Royal Mail priority mail boxes
  • Free next day delivery of your swab test – posted on the date you are due to return to the UK

Partially/Unvaccinated Arrivals from non-Red List countries:  Day 2 PCR Testing £43

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What are the kit dispatch, return and test lab opening times?

Self test kits will posted next day delivery by our laboratory on the date you are due to return to the UK. Return the self-swabbed sample using the pre-paid Royal Mail 24-hour tracked envelope provided. Post the envelope in a Royal Mail priority post box located in every town. These are normal Royal mail postal boxes with a priority label on them. Or you can hand deliver swab samples to the following address to avoid postal delays:

Oncologica, Suite 2, The Newnham Building, Chesterford Research Park, Little Chesterford CB10 1XL

You can arrange your own private courier to deliver the swab directly to our lab which is open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Your kits will be posted on the date you are due to return to the UK. Any last minute orders for immediate arrivals before 12pm Monday to Friday GMT are dispatched the same day for next Working Day delivery AND in line with government rules relating to when kits can be supplied.

Any orders placed after 12pm GMT Friday will be dispatched on the following day. If you are ordering before 11am GMT on a Saturday, your Coronafocus Test Kit will be dispatched the same day for Sunday delivery. Orders placed after 11am GMT on Saturday will be dispatched the following Monday. Orders are not dispatched on Sundays or on Bank Holidays.

Please note government rules mean irrespective of when ordered you receive day 2 between day 0 and day 2, and the Test kit for day 2 between day 0 and day 2 with two separate tests with unique barcodes for each day. To avoid dispatch delays outside of our control please order at least 3 working days prior to required. Delays by Royal Mail return service are outside of our control. It is your responsibility to return the swab to us in sufficient time.

How long does it take to get Day 2 testing results?

Day 2 testing for international arrivals takes up to 24 hours to turnaround your results for each of your swab sample tests. This is the maximum time it will take from when your sample is received by the lab after being posted by using dedicated Royal Mail COVID-19 priority post boxes.

What if i have further questions about my coronavirus test results?

Our partner laboratories provide a dedicated phone number that airport authorities can call to validate your results & personal information. Your results certificate, which is signed by a supervising clinician, is clearly presented and appropriate for travel.

What are the possible results of the test?

Your results documents will include your results, which will be either Negative or Positive. You will be provided with information to help you understand your results. If your day 2 test result is positive, your sample will be subjected to genome sequencing to determine which COVID-19 variant you have been infected with. This information will be shared with the UK government for them to track infections and variants being carried by travel arrivals.

There is a 1% chance your test result can come back as Inconclusive and the lab will inform us that you need a retest. There are a number of factors why this happens and the lab will not be able to be too specific. Inconclusive tests mean the lab cannot prove you DID NOT have COVID-19 when you were tested.

About Day 2 coronavirus test analysis

Specialist laboratories are able to analyse swab samples to see if COVID-19 coronavirus is present, or to produce lateral flow testing devices for self-testing. If the virus is present in your sample, you are currently infected with COVID-19. We are a UKAS accredited private provider of mandatory Day 2 testing for international arrivals. Our laboratory meets the requirements for the provision of COVID testing.

Can I use Day 2 testing to help me with international travel and return to work?

If you are required to undertake mandatory testing on day 2 after international travel, you can order this test package from Nomad. We are approved providers and will supply the information required for your Passenger Locator Form prior to travel to the UK. We will communicate your results to the government testing scheme, as required, to assist with tracking COVID-19 infections and variants.

There are currently inconsistencies with both return to work and international travel regulations. Different countries and employers have different regulations, and these regulations are changing rapidly. You must check with your employer, insurer and airline as to their individual & specific constraints around travel & COVID-19 testing.

Please ensure you read and understand the following important information:

  • Refunds are not applicable. Our external laboratory partners do not provide refunds for tests ordered in error, changed travel plans or delayed results

Order Your Day 2 PCR Test

Order your Day 2 or Day 2 PCR Test from our laboratory partner Oncologica / Coronafocus using the portal below. Having issues with the portal? Open the order portal in a new window by clicking here.


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