Ridiculously easy to use ? just remove from carry bag and up it pops ? this dome net is freestanding, so requires no fixing or hanging. Ideal for campers and backpackers, it folds into a small circular shape for easy packing and carrying. Use on a single bed, mattress, sleeping bag or outdoors. Zi Technology Fabric Impregnation provides protection for up to 2 years or 35 washes. Re-treat every 2 years with Pyramid Net Treatment.

*Folds down small for packing
*Sets up in seconds, giving immediate protection
*No external support needed
*Active Ingredients: Permethrin
*Effective for up to 2 years or 35 washes
*Zi Technology net impregnation
*Made with the best quality 100% polyester fabric
*300 hole mesh, Double the recommended WHO standard
*Specification: 65cm(h) x 95cm(w) x 230cm(l)
*Suitable for extreme tropical conditions
*Dome shape


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