Premium Bell Mosquito Net in Carry Case
Premium Bell Mosquito Net fixings for hangingPremium Bell Mosquito Net hanging over a cot

The Premium Cot Bell net provides essential protection for young families visiting tropical destinations. Held open at the top by a pop-out spreader, the net creates a protective and airy canopy over cots or play pens. Simple to set up, it?s never been easier (or quicker) to keep little ones safe from biting insects.

The net can be entered from the bottom. Once your child is inside their cot tuck the excess material underneath the cot mattress for a tight fit. This net is not impregnated due to its use for young babies and toddlers and the increased risk of ingestion of Permethrin.

*Fine mesh netting to protect babies
*Versatile – fits over cots or play pens
*Lightweight and tough
*Made with the best quality 100% polyester fabric
*300 hole mesh, Double the recommended WHO standard
*Deep skirting material
*Double stitching
*Full hanging kit supplied with extra cord, screw in hooks and stick on pads
*Specification: 140cm(h) x 675cm (circumference)
*Suitable for extreme tropical conditions
*Bell shape
*Weight: 0.45kg


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