The Design Go Mosqui-Go Duo is a must if you know you will have a power supply. Use this plug-in to help keep your room free of insects. With 2 round pins (continental pins), this line of bite defence will work in Europe and parts of Africa.

Duel voltage for worldwide use, this insect bite protection for your room runs on both liquid and tablet refills. Lasting up to 37 nights protection on approximately 6 hour vapour emit time, the plug-in Mosqui-Go Duo is a simple liquid mosquito killer that gets to work the moment you slot it into the plug socket. Liquid and tablet-form refills available.


* European liquid vapour mosquito killer
* Dual function, able to use standard mat tablets
* HSE approved harmless vapour effective on mosquitoes
* 1 bottle provides approx. 37 days protection
* Electrical rating 220 – 240V ~ 7W
* Composition = plastic / electrical
* Indoor use only
* Read full instructions before use
* One unit treats 30 cubic meters, and lasts 12 hours.
* Contains prallethrin 1.17% w/w


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