Constant mosquito defence in your hotel, hostel or wherever you access to power. These replacement tablets are for the Design Go Mosqui-go Mosquito Plug-ins and come in a pack of 30, foil wrapped tablets. 1 tablet will last for 1 night.

To be used with the Design Go Mosqui-Go Electric, these 30 handy foil-wrapped insect repellent tablets will keep your Mosquito Plug-ins refreshed to make sure those pesky mosquito?s find someone else to nibble on.

*Replacement tablets for Mosqui-go Electric
*Pack of 30, foil wrapped
*One tablet treats 20 cubic metres
*8-10 hours protection per tablet
*Approved under the control of pesticides regulations 1986 for use as directed (HSE No.8828)
*Contains d-allethrin 4-6% w/w

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