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Water containers come in many sizes and styles so you need to choose the most appropriate water bottle or water bladderfor the adventure you are undertaking. Here’s a quick Nomad run down:

0.5lt – 1.5lt 1lt – 2lt Water Chambers
– Standard water bottlees
– Individual use
– Collapsible bladder bottles
– Individual use
– Inserts into compatible rucksacks & daysacks
– Use with a straw
– Individual use
5lt – 10lt bladders Flasks
– For camp use – Collapsible bladder bottles
– Individual use

For individauls it is best to carry two litres of drinking water on you at all times. This can be in one large container or split between two smaller containers. For those on a high exertion expedition or trek, you will need to carry upto 10 litres for the day.