We understand trips are not always simple or short and you may have team members who return home periodically before returning to international work. Our Doctors, nurses and mental health specialists are ready to provide a range of services for mid-travel health and wellbeing.

Disease Screening

Our Doctors can run a range of tests to identify any illnesses your team members may have contracted during the initial phase of their international work. We’ll recommend treatment as required to ensure everyone returns to work healthy.

Malaria Testing

We can supply medication to prevent malaria for all regions of the world. Your team members can visit any of our clinics for antimalarial supply, or simply access the Nomad Portal if they’ve taken antimalarials previously to purchase online.

Medication Resupply

Through the Nomad Portal, you can easily order resupply of travel medications direct from the pharmacy. If your team are continuing international work, we can make sure they’re restocked with everything they need to stay healthy.

Bespoke Medical Kit Restocking

Your team will inevitably use some of the items in their medical kits during their trip. Not to worry! You can easily reorder any items used before they head back to their international work so their medical kits are fully stocked.

Mid-travel health screening

Reassessing your teams’ health during trips back to the UK or in downtime is vital to ensuring they’re healthy during deployment. Our Doctors will complete a comprehensive health screening and supply a certificate of fitness to continue to travel.

Psych assessment & training

Our psychosocial wellbeing specialists can assess the mental health of your team members mid-way through their work overseas. We can continue training, responding to the difficulties being encountered, before they head back.


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