There’s a whole range of health concerns you may for your team members on completion of their international deployments. We can assess all aspects of their health on return, from parasite diagnosis and treatment to psychosocial wellbeing support. We offer a full range of tests, post-exposure vaccination and other post-travel health services.

Post-Travel Health Screening

We can assess your teams’ health on return to the UK is vital to check that everyone on your team is healthy. Our Doctors will complete a comprehensive health screening and advise on any required treatment.

Psychosocial Wellbeing

Our psychosocial wellbeing specialists can assess the mental health of your team members on their return from travel. We can advise on further treatment to make sure they get back to normal life without issues.

Medical Kit Restocking

Your team will inevitably use some of the items in their medical kits during their trip. Not to worry! You can easily reorder any items used before they head back to their international work so their medical kits are fully stocked.

Post Exposure Vaccines

Sometimes, even with the best preparation, we can come into contact with diseases when travelling. If you have concerns that your team members contracted something, we can screen them and provide post-exposure vaccination.

Disease Screening

Our Doctors can run a range of tests to identify any illnesses your team members may have contracted during the first phase of their international work. We’ll recommend treatment as required to ensure everyone returns to work healthy.

Malaria Testing

We can supply medication to prevent malaria for all regions of the world. Your team members can visit any of our clinics for antimalarial supply, or simply access the Nomad Portal if they’ve taken antimalarials previously to purchase online.


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