It’s vital to make sure your team are prepared for all the risks of travel before they head off on assignment. We’ve been working with large organisations for over 20 years and we know exactly what you’ll encounter and how to stay healthy. We’ve got a full range of pre-travel health services to ensure everyone has a healthy international trip.

Pre-Travel Health Clearance

Visit our London based travel health Doctors for a comprehensive face-to-face pre-travel health screening, or we can screen you remotely. A full report and recommendations will be supplied, along with certification of fitness to travel.

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Prepare your teams for the mental stress of international work through our psychosocial wellbeing clinic. We’ll create an individualised plan to train your team in how best to deal with the difficulties they may face in their work – find out more.

Travel Kit & Accessories

Easily order travel supplies & accessories through the Nomad Portal. Order medicines, insect repellents, mosquito nets, first aid & travel accessories for your whole team all in one simple self-service online store.


We’ve got clinics nationwide, stocked with a full range of vaccinations for travel. Our travel health nurses will complete a full risk assessment and recommend vaccines appropriate to your team members’ destinations.

Malaria Medication

We can supply medication to prevent malaria for all regions of the world. Your team members can visit any of our clinics for antimalarial supply, or simply access the Nomad Portal if they’ve taken antimalarials previously to purchase online.

Medical Kits

Our pharmacists have designed the best range of medical kits available, and can put together customised kits for your specific trip and requirements should you need a bit more in the way of first aid and medicines.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing

In-clinic testing, at select locations, or home testing kits can prepare your team for travel where COVID-19 certificates are required

To arrange COVID-19 testing – call 01341 555061


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