Online Security

Lots of us are concerned about the security of information we transmit over the Internet. Our order form uses SSL encryption to ensure secure transactions with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc browsers. Whenever we ask to provide any kind of personal information, you’ll see a lock symbol at the bottom of the page – this tells you that you are now in a ‘secure session’ with the Nomad Travel Web server. All information you enter into this form is encrypted from the time you enter it until it arrives at the Nomad Travel warehouse. No third party has access to this information.

Paying by Card Online

For your security all card details entered on Nomad Travel’s website are protected by an SSL (Secure Certificate). When paying online with ANY company the website address where you enter your card details should start https://www instead of the standard http://www and you may also see a closed padlock in your browser window – these signs show you should be on a secure website and it should be safe to enter your card details. All our card payments are processed by SecPay & Streamline who are a well-known card processing companies and totally secure. For added security we do not have access to your card details unless you give them by phone and we do not keep any card details on file.

CV2 and AVS Security

The Card Verification Code (or CVC) is a number that appears on your credit card, and we request it so that we can verify that the person placing the order has direct access to the credit card being used.

For Visa and Mastercard, this is the last 3 numbers as they appear on the signature panel on the back of the card.

For American Express, it is the 4 digit number that appears in the top right corner on the front of the card. A Successful CV2 result indicates that the person ordering is in possession of the card at the time of the transaction. No transaction will be accepted without a positive CV2 match.

The card holders billing address is checked with the card issuer. A successful AVS result shows that the person ordering knows the cardholders address and is less likely to be using a stolen card.

Secure-Code Security System

Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode (MSC) which use 3D Secure technology are the latest fraud prevention initiatives launched by the card schemes as a more secure method for authenticating the cardholder at the time of the transaction. 3D Secure is becoming an Industry Standard. In a 3D secure transaction you would register for VbV or MSC with your issuing bank. If you do not register before ordering online, the first time you order from a merchant who supports VbV or MSC you will be asked to register your card before continuing with the transaction. At the checkout stage, you would select to pay by Visa, Visa Delta, and Visa Debit or by MasterCard or Maestro and a pop-up box will appear from their issuing bank to request that they enter their PIN number. The bank will verify the PIN number and the transaction will continue as normal. This is all completed on a Secure Server and at no time will Nomad Travel see this information. 3D secure isFREE to set-up.

If you have already registered your card with your bank you can enter your ‘Internet Pin Code’ when asked to at checkout on our or other sellers websites. Please note the same number will do you for all your internet purchases the same as your normal chip and pin works for all high street shops. You do NOT need to create a new 3d secure code if you already have one.

If you do NOT have 3D Secure on you card at checkout you may be asked to enter a new 3d secure code or you may be taken to your banks secure website to create one- please note the following before doing this:

  • DONT make this pin the same as your regular chip and pin code
  • ALWAYS check you are on your card issuers website before entering any account details
  • ALWAYS check the banks website starts https:// and NOT http:// to show you are on a secure page

More and more online companies are insisting on customers having 3d secure set up for their card as it greatly reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions as only the card holder should know their 3d secure/internet pin number. If you are in any doubt please contact us on 0845 260 0044 or you can contact your bank direct to arrange set up of this 3d secure pin code.

Verified Payment Data Query (VPDQ)

VPDQ provides us with fraud indicators to show high risk, medium risk and low risk transactions. Detailed reports will show why a transaction has been given a particular rating so that we can decide whether or not we wish to accept the payment and proceed with the sale. Each transaction is screened by The 3rd Man and the results are displayed alongside the AVS, CV2 and Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode results.

These results are only available to Nomad Travel’s Accounts Department Employees and would never be passed onto any third party. For customer security Nomad Travel cannot see your card number during payment and do not hold any card details on file.