Sometimes it is difficult to totally avoid high risk areas and sometimes you just don’t realise. We’ve got some great Personal Security items to add to your peace of mind when travelling. Money Belts are an essential piece of travel kit, for any kind of travel. They allow you to keep your cash, passport, credit cards etc. close to your body, out of sight and where you know they are safe. Travelprood Belt Safe is a great bit of kit, specially designed by Nomad. Hide notes in the hidden zipped pouch and wear the belt knowing your cash is safe. Follow a few simple rules to further help stay safe:

*When entering high risk areas carry a personal alarm or whistle with you
*Use a Doorguard or wedge your hotel bedroom door to make it harder to enter when you are inside
*Leave your expensive jewellery at home and try to keep your electronic equipment tucked away
*Keep to well lit areas as much as possible – carry a torch with you at all times
*Look confident and walk with your head up as if you know where you are going

Always Lock your Luggage Read Our Blog on Protecting Valuables When Travelling

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