Antibodies are our bodies’ response to potentially dangerous infection; a specific set of rules the body develops to fight off a particular infection. The presence of antibodies indicates a previous infection as it shows that the body has been exposed in order to learn how to fight off the infection.

How does a real time Coronavirus Antibody test work?

The antibody tests work by identifying two main antibodies; immunoglobulin G (IgG) and immunoglobulin M (IgM). These antibodies are produced at different times in the COVID-19 infection cycle. The initial response to the infection, IgM, is detectable usually after 3 days of symptoms and lasts for around 14 days. The IgG is the antibody that is detectable after 14 days from the onset of infection. Data studies from other infectious diseases have shown this antibody to provide a long-term protection against further infections. Some antibody tests also include an additional antibody, IgA. The most important antibody we look for when testing is the IgG.

How is the sample collected for real-time coronvirus antibody testing?

Once you’ve received your Coronavirus Test Kit, we’ll arrange a suitable time for you to have a video consultation with a Nomad clinician. They will guide you through how to accurately obtain your sample using the provided finger prick sample kit.

How is my Sample Tested for Coronavirus Antibodies

You will place the required number of blood drop into the testing well of the provided plastic cassette. You will then add a specified number of drops of buffer solution to the testing well. The solution is absorbed along a testing strip, adding markers at certain points. These lines are a coloured response to specific anibodies. Your Nomad clinician will interpret your test response and advise you on your results.

How to get a real time coronavirus antibody test

Simply order your COVID-19 Antibody Self-Test Kit, we’ll book you in for a video consultation, and your Nomad clinician will guide you through the test & your results. For the most accurate COVID-19 antibody results, we offer In-Clinic COVID-19 Antibody Testing; a larger blood test is taken in-clinic & sent away for laboratory testing providing slower, but more accurate results.


Unsure which Coronavirus Test is right for you? Compare tests or Contact Us for guidance on which test to take.

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