A Covid-19 test is required of many arrivals to England to reduce the spread of infection and to identify variants. Many of us have taken up the offer of free vaccination against COVID-19 to help reduce the number of people getting seriously ill. For those of us who are or will be fully vaccinated, testing requirements are now slightly relaxed and only Day 2 testing is required, replacing the previous requirement for day 2 and day 8 testing. As the most common testing requirement under current guidelines, we’ll discuss here everything you need to know about Day 2 only testing.

What is a Day 2 Lateral Flow Test?

Day 2 testing is a mandatory test for fully vaccinated arrivals from non-Red List countries. Taken on the second day after arriving, the test will identify whether you are infected with COVID-19 and, if infected, which strain you are infected with. This ensures the government can track COVID infections coming in to the UK.

Do I need to take a Day 2 only Test?

The Day 2 Lateral Flow test is required for passengers arriving from any non-Red List countries, if they are fully vaccinated. Check the latest entry requirements for your destination to find out what the current requirements are. Testing requirements may change at any time, so make sure you check them before you travel to the UK.

‘Fully vaccinated’ means you must have had a final dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 whole days before you arrive in England. The day you have your final dose does not count as one of the 14 days.

Do I Need a Day 2 Test if I’m Fully Vaccinated?

Even if you are fully vaccinated, you are still required to complete a Day 2 test (£18.50) after arriving in the UK. You must book your test as part of your travel arrangements, and complete a Passenger Locator Form before you depart for the UK providing your test booking reference.

Where Can I Get a Day 2 PCR Test?

Nomad is a UKAS accredited private provider of Day 2 PCR test for international arrivals. Order through our order portal directly from our laboratory partner Oncologica. You’ll have a self-test kit sent to you for you to complete yourself using the included simple to follow instructions. Return postage is included so you can post your Day 2 only test in COVID priority post boxes. The lab will run tests on your sample and will return your results within 24 hours from when they receive it.

Book Day 2 testing

Book Day 2 Lateral Flow Antigen testing with Nomad to ensure you meet the travel regulations. While many providers are unable to meet the current testing demands for international travellers, at Nomad we work with a high-capacity laboratory partner. Our laboratory will test your swab and return your results within 24 hours of receiving your sample. They have a very high success rate and failures are rare. Through the simple online order portal, you can easily order your mandatory Day 2 only test ready to complete your journey to the UK.

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