With availability of free NHS rapid tests uncertain, we are now offering our own rapid lateral flow tests for home testing. Households and teams can order their own supply of rapid LFT home test kits for regular testing.

What are Home COVID Tests?

Home COVID-19 tests like the rapid lateral test, are testing methods that you can complete yourself at home. Suitable for anyone who does not have COVID-19 symptoms, they allow you to test regularly for the presence of an active infection.

How to Do Lateral Flow Tests at Home

Order your lateral flow test kits from Nomad and you’ll receive test kits that include everything you need, including instructions. The simple-to-follow guidance will explain how to collect your swab sample properly and how to process your sample,  which takes 15-30 minutes.  Your included lateral flow test (LFT) instructions will illustrate how to read the results of your test.

Are the Tests Free?

As a private testing provider, our home lateral flow tests are not provided for free. We work hard to source reliable, accredited testing suppliers who are also trying to keep costs low for customers. We are able to offer bundles of rapid LTF tests for a lower price per test – ideal for household and workplaces.

Is an LFT the same as an Antigen Test?

To put it simply – there is no difference between a rapid antigen test and a lateral flow test (LFT) Rapid testing uses the well-established lateral flow technology to detect proteins or antigens that are present when a person is infected with COVID-19.  More about rapid antigen Vs lateral flow

Order Home Lateral Flow Tests

You can order rapid lateral flow test kits from Nomad from £6 – £7.50 per test. Order a bundle of rapid LFT tests for home testing to get the best price on individual test kits. Contact us today.

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