Zika Virus continues to spread in North & South America, the Caribbean and has even reached Europe. Nomad Medical Director, Professor Larry Goodyer, has news on the latest developments in our understanding of ZIka Virus and it’s effects on pregnancy.


The latest news from the American CDC about Zika is what we have all been waiting to hear – brain damage in children is confirmed scientifically as being caused by the ZIKA virus spread by mosquitoes. This will put pay to rumours of other sources of the cause of the brain defects, such as the use of certain pesticides in crop spraying.

The advice remains the same regarding preventing catching the disease, which most importantly means avoiding the bite of the daytime biting Aedes mosquito. At Nomad we have the full range of the most effective Bite Avoidance products and our expert Travel Nurses are on hand at our 9 clinics to give advice concerning Zika Virus before you travel.

All travellers, including those who are pregnant or planning to concieve in the near future is to keep up a good Bite Avoidance routine as follows:

• Cover up arms and legs – wear long loose fitted clothing.
• Apply insect repellents containing DEET to exposed skins and re apply frequently – always apply over suncream (DEET can also be used safely in pregnancy)
• Treat your clothing with insecticides made with permethrin – it will kill any mosquitoes that land on your clothes.
• Use air conditioning, seal windows and plug-in or mosquito coils to kill any mosquitoes that might get into your room.
• Sleep under mosquito nets if in basic accommodation or require extra protection

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