For some travellers, additional entry requirements apply as they have previously tested positive for COVID-19. Some passengers are required to obtain a COVID recovery certificate in order to meet restrictions. In this blog, we’ll answer some of the most common questions travellers have about obtaining certificates for travel based on recovery from a COVID infection.

What is a COVID Recovery Certificate?

These certificates are official documents that prove that a traveller has had COVID-19, but has since recovered. The recovery certificate proves that you are thought to have natural immunity from re-infection for a period and are deemed safe t0 travel. The document can support travel where a certificate of COVID recovery is required.

How Do I Apply for a Certificate?

When ordering your COVID recovery certificate for travel, you will need to provide your positive test result documents and demonstrate that you have recovered from COVID-19 by answering the Doctors questions. You will need to travel with your positive test result documents and your recovery certificate, along with any other travel documents. The certificate proves a Doctor has assessed the certified individual has recovered from COVID-19.

How Long is the Recovery Certificate Valid for?

The validity of your COVID Recovery Certificate will depend on the requirements of your destination countries. Countries have differing validity periods for certificates of COVID recovery and these time frames may change at any time. Check the requirements at your destinations before you travel or complete your order form.

Who Can Apply for a Certificate?

Any traveller aged 5 years or over who has evidence of a positive COVID-19 test result between 11 and 180 days prior, and who has recovered, is likely to be eligible for a proof of recovery certificate that they can use for travel. Each case is individually assessed by a Doctor, who is bound by their professional standards to only produce a certificate of recovery if they think it is safe and correct to do so.

How Do I Get a Recovery Certificate?

You can order your COVID recovery certificate from Nomad in just a few minutes. Complete the order form and a Doctor will assess whether or not you are suitable to receive a certificate of recovery. If you are eligible, your recovery certificate will be returned to you by the Doctor within 12 hours.


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