Vaccine uptake in the UK has been brilliant! Many of us have chosen to accept the free vaccination to help reduce serious illness and hospitalisations. With such a long time spent close to home, many of us are looking forward to travelling again. Here we’ll talk about what being fully vaccinated means international travel and how it will impact your travel preparations.

Where Can I Travel If I’m Fully Vaccinated?

Regulations and entry requirements are different in different countries, and are subject to change at any time. When planning a trip, check the entry requirements at your destination to find out if they are allowing visitors for the reasons you plan to travel for. If your destination requires it, make sure you’re able to provide proof of vaccination that meets the entry requirements. Check if there are any pre-travel testing or testing on arrival requirements at your destination.

Can I enter the UK If I’m Fully Vaccinated?

To enter the UK, a passenger is considered fully vaccinated after 14 full days from their final dose. On arrival, you must be able to prove you have been fully vaccinated on a UK vaccine programme, or an MHRA approved overseas UK vaccine programme, or on an an approved vaccination programme in Europe or the USA – not all vaccines are recognised in England. If you cannot or choose not to provide proof of vaccination on arrival you must follow the rules as if you were an unvaccinated person. Natural immunity does not impact entry requirements to England – you must also follow the rules as if you were an unvaccinated person.

Do I Need to Quarantine If I’m Fully Vaccinated?

If you’re fully vaccinated, you do not need to quarantine on arrival to the UK, but you do still need to meet post-travel testing requirements for day 2 only testing. Passengers must complete a Passenger Locator Form and must provide proof of vaccination in a format that meets the requirements.

D0 I Need to Get Tested if I’m Fully Vaccinated?

Pre-travel testing requirements are determined by your destination country. Check the latest entry requirements for your destination to find our which type of COVID test you need before you travel. Many travellers are required to complete a pre-travel Fit-To-Fly test in the hours/days before you depart the UK. Make sure your chosen pre-travel test meets the time constraints required.

Your vaccination status may have an impact on the post-travel testing requirements you must meet when you arrive back in the UK. For fully vaccinated passengers arriving from non-Red List countries, there is a requirement to complete Day 2 test on the second day after your arrival.

Follow Local COVID-19 Guidelines

Even if you’re fully vaccinated, you can still potentially spread COVID-19. It’s important to respect local measures that might be in place to help restrict the spread of COVID-19. Take enough masks for your trip, so you don’t use up local supplies, and wear them whenever you’re expected to. Follow any social distancing guidelines that are in place in areas you travel to. Take hand sanitiser, and whenever you can, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. It’s really important that we as travellers & tourists do our part to help slow the spread of the virus and to not be a burden on local facilities.

Do I Need Any Other Vaccinations?

There may be any of a number of other diseases endemic at your destination that can be vaccinated against prior to travel. As with taking COVID-19 precautions, getting vaccinated ensures you do your part to slow the spread of disease, protect yourself against serious illness and to reduce your the burden on local facilities. Check our destination guide to find our which vaccinations might be recommended for your trip and book a travel health consultation to find out exactly which vaccinations your Nomad clinician recommends.

As we excitedly start to make travel plans again now we’re vaccinated, let’s make sure we’re fully prepared to meet COVID-19 restrictions & requirements. Book Now for a travel health consultation with a Nomad nurse, and browse our range of COVID-19 tests for travel.

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