What is Malaria?

Malaria is a disease cause by a parasite passed on to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. There are 5 different types of parasite that can cause disease but the type that causes the most severe forms of the disease is caused P. falciparum and is the most common type of malaria parasite found in Africa;

Can Malaria Kill Me?

Yes! In 2017 there were an estimated 219 million cases of malaria in 90 different countries resulting in 435,000 deaths globally. Most of the cases and deaths occur in Africa. Obviously, these cases are mostly amongst local people living in areas of high risk, but malaria can also affect travellers. In 2017 there were 1,792 cases of malaria in the UK, all contracted abroad which resulted in 6 deaths.

Can I Prevent Malaria?

Malaria is a very preventable disease. The best approach is to take an effective antimalarial tablet as a preventative. You should also seek to reduce the number of mosquito bites you get by using mosquito nets & insect repellents, wearing protective clothing, and burning coils or using plug in mosquito killers. There are several different types of malaria medication: doxycycline, atovaquone & proguanil, mefloquine and chloroquine. Some are only effective in certain areas, and some more suitable for one person than another so it is very important to get good advice about which antimalarial is best for you and the areas that you are travelling to. Make an appointment at your nearest Nomad travel clinic to get the best advice and help you in your decision making.

Where Can I Buy Antimalarial Tablets?

There are several ways to buy antimalarials. You can visit a Nomad clinic for a consultation and to receive the right medication for you. If you know which medication you need, you can also buy malaria tablets online. You may need to provide a prescription from your GP or the online pharmacy may be able to provide that for you. Nomad’s online pharmacy can accept prescriptions from your GP or our expert pharmacists can prescribe the medication for you through our simple online consultation and ordering platform.

Is It Safe to Buy Malaria Tablets Online?

There’s no doubt that you need to be very careful about the websites that you use to buy medications in the UK, regarding both the quality of the medicines and the reputation of the pharmacy offering the service. Every pharmacy in the UK is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and will be listed on the GPhC website. Look for links to GPhC listings, like ours here, and a clear link to the business’ listing with the MHRA register of medicine sellers, an EU Common logo indicating that they registered to provide online pharmacy services. You’ll find ours below, and can find more information about our pharmacy here. It’s important you ensure you’re buying form a reputable pharmacy website so that the medicines you buy are safe to take and that your health history has been properly assessed by a reputable pharmacist. Thanks to our specially designed online pharmacy,  Nomad is your best bet for safely and easily buying antimalarials and travel medicines online.

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