London, Monday 12th June 2023


Nomad Travel acquires MASTA Ltd from Hallo Healthcare Group

Nomad Travel (UK) are delighted to announce that, today, Monday 12th June, they have successfully completed the acquisition of MASTA 1 Ltd. from Hallo Healthcare Group.

Like Nomad Travel, MASTA was established over 30 years ago and operates one of the largest networks of private travel clinics2 in the UK. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies, enabling them to leverage their collective strengths and expertise in the travel vaccination industry.

Nomad Travel is led by Andrew Lewis who has worked and grown companies within the travel health sector for the past 15 years. Nomad is also backed by Brendan Kavanagh, the principal owner of Olive Group, who brings many years of experience in emerging technologies and healthcare, and Dr Peter Greaney, principal owner of WorkCare, one of the largest Occupational Health Practices in the USA.

Speaking today, CEO of Nomad Travel Group, Andrew Lewis said:
“The acquisition of MASTA is an exciting step for Nomad Travel. Nomad and MASTA have huge synergies that will allow the Nomad Travel Health Group to grow exponentially. Nomad Travel Health Group is now one of the largest networks of private travel health clinics in the UK. Brendan Kavanagh’s experience with emerging technologies; AI, XR, VR & 3D, and our relationship with WorkCare in the US will see Nomad Travel develop its offering in the UK, leveraging the latest developments in technology and medical healthcare.’

Michael Collins, (PR for Nomad Travel),, +353 86 8583585.
Andrew Lewis, CEO, Nomad Travel Group,, +353 87 2057716.

1. MASTA, Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad
2. MASTA has 40 UK locations. Nomad Travel has eight UK locations.