Sometimes journeys with long layovers are unavoidable; because flights worked out way cheaper or you’re heading somewhere further off the beaten track. But don’t stress, if you plan ahead you don’t have to spend endless hours watching the clock You might even discover something you weren’t planning for! 

Go Exploring 

12 Hour layover in the middle of the day? No problem. Head into town and take in as much as you can. These little ‘bonus holidays’ can be a great taste of somewhere you are yet to visit. Just make sure you have a visa (if you need one). 

If you can’t leave the airport, just explore where you are! You might find some local food to try, or an amazing view to sit and enjoy. Many airports will have art installations you could search out. Some airports are really well setup for long layovers; Singapore’s Changi Airport has a butterfly garden, cinema, swimming pool, hedge maze & much more! Go exploring or head to an info point for tips on how to pass the time. 

Come prepared to Pass the Time

Whether you bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone, make sure to load it up with your favourite movies, books and music in advance as some airports have limited WIFI accessBring chargers to keep your electronics going between flights using charging stations often available at airports.

Find Ways to Exercise 

Feeling tired and sluggish between flights is common, but its important to get some exercise after hours sitting on planes. If you are into yoga, bring a mat and find a quiet area in the airport to do some stretches. This will pass the time, revitalise you and lower your risk of deep vein thrombosis. If yoga isn’t for you, take a stroll or brisk walk around the airport, just get the blood flowing and muscles working! 

Get a lounge pass  

When you’re really in need of some relaxation & refreshment, a lounge pass is often a good investment for longer layovers. Lounges a great place to relax as they will have more comfortable seating & recliners, many also have showers. Food & beverages are usually included in the cost of lounge access, so you can save on those overprices & underwhelming airport meals. A Lounge pass will help you to feel refreshed for the next leg of your journey and, if you’re between expeditions or backpacking adventures, can be an energising moment of luxury! 

Get Some Sleep 

Depending on the times of your connections, and how well you sleep on planes, your only opportunity to get some rest may be during your airport layover. Many airports have hotels nearby or within the airport, but those pinching pennies can check to see if it’s possible to get some shuteye without having to pay for a hotel room. Bring a travel pillow, some warm clothes and make sure you keep your valuables hidden away in a passport belt and your baggage in airport lockers. 

Stay Fresh During Long Layovers

I’m a firm believer that a shower can make you feel better in any situation, layovers included. Check the airport information to see if there’s showers available for passengers. For those roughing it in the airport, making use of the facilities is sure to perk you up. Wash your teeth, wash your face and pack some baby wipes and no-water cleanser for everything else. Keep a clean change of clothes handy so you’re freshly clothed after cleaning up.  


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