Updated 14th February 2022 to reflect the latest COVID testing requirements for travellers

In attempt to respond to variants, infections and hospitalisations due to COVID-19, requirements for passengers arriving in the UK are subject to constant change. It’s important to check the latest guidance as they may have since changed, but here we will discuss the current guidance around Day 2 testing.

What is the Day 2 travel test?

Any partially/unvaccinated passengers arriving in the UK from non-Red List countries are currently required to complete a Day 2 PCR test. Taken at your post-travel isolation location, the Day 2 test determines whether or not you are currently infected with COVID-19. If you test negative, you may end self-isolation immediately. If you test positive, you must continue to self-isolate and will be required to complete further testing and genome sequencing.

Day 2 Tests – Do I Need a PCR or Lateral Flow Test

Currently, only PCR tests are accepted as post-travel Day 2 tests. These regulations are subject to change. The day 2 tests can be completed at-home using simple self-test kits that are delivered to the laboratory. Order your Day 2 PCR test from Nomad and we include free DPD next day courier delivery of your kit.

How to Book a Day 2 PCR Test

You can book your mandatory day 2 tests with Nomad. As an accredited COVID-19 testing supplier, we offer a full range of tests to meet the latest travel and entry requirements.

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