There’s so many claims circulating about the covid-19 coronavirus – many of them coronavirus myths. One particularly concerning claim we keep hearing is that taking ibuprofen can increase your risk of catching coronavirus. Worrying, if true, as so many require this common painkiller, but is it correct? We asked a Nomad Doctor if ibuprofen can increase your risk of catching covid-19 coronavirus? Here’s their response:

  • There is currently NO evidence to support this theory. It is based on a hypothesis raised by a respiratory medicine journal.
  • There are studies that suggest ibuprofen can result in the worsening of the disease caused by respiratory infection or by causing other complications but there is no CLEAR evidence of this.
  • The proposed hypothesis was focused on patients with hypertension & diabetes, who are currently considered to be in the group most vulnerable to Covid-19 coronavirus. The medications these patients take for their existing conditions raise levels of a certain enzyme in the blood. It has been shown that other strains of coronavirus, such as SARS, can bind to the enzyme. As such, it has been hypothesised that diabetes and hypertension treatment with medicines that increase this enzyme, including ibuprofen, increases the risk of developing severe Covid-19 coronavirus.
  • The key word to remember is hypothesis. There is no current research into th effects of ibuprofen on the covid-19 coronavirus. There is currently NO evidence suggesting that low risk people taking ibuprofen for Covid-19 symptoms is putting themselves at risk of more severe symptoms or complications.
  • If your current medication regime includes ibuprofen, it is not advised that you deviate from your medication regimen and that you continue to take recommended medicines.

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