Many of us dream of travelling to far flung destinations but convince ourselves we cant afford it. What a lot of people don’t realise is that if you’re clever with your choices you can spend much less on an adventure than you could have in a week at home – no kidding! 

The key things you need to budget for are – flights, accomodation, meals & visas. A bit of searching online and you’ll easily get find these out at any destination you have in mind. Just don’t forget to get insurance and have a travel health consultation 6-8 weeks before you go ensure you’re protected from easily preventable diseases. Make sure any recommended vaccinations are factored into your travel budget. Read on for some inspiration on some suprisingly affordable adventure destinations!


£24 Flight / £10 Double Room / £2 Meal / £0 Visa

A blue and white painted seaside town in MoroccoBeing the closest non-European country to the UK, Morocco is a given if you’re looking to experience a greatly different culture without a massive price tag. Fez, Marrakesh and Rabat are full of variety, colour and history meaning you don’t even need to pay for expensive attractions to keep you enertained. The food in Morocco is cheap and tasty -tagines, Berber eggs (yum) and wraps usually won’t cost you more than £if you avoid tourist favoured restaurants. If you’re really pinching pennies Harira soup, a mixed soup of beans, lentils and noodles can cost less than 50p and often comes with some crusty bread. 

The Gambia 

£187 Flights / £11 Double Room / £1 Meal / £0 Visa

For those who want the ‘Africa experience’ on budget this should be at the top of your list. The Gambia is a unique country as its borders roughly follow the banks of the Gambia river which plays host to a plethora of reptiles, birds and mammals. Thanks to its lush environment The Gambia, not surprisingly, has amazing food which tends to be very spicy and peanutty. For those looking for a budget beach holiday with a twist this should definitely be on your list!

There are some vaccines recommended to travellers to The Gambia, check the destination guide for more info on the health risks and make sure you book a consultation before you go.


£53 Flights / £5 Double Room / £3 Meal / £0 Visa 

This land of beauty sits between Europe and East Asia, running along the Caucasus mountains. Georgia is a relatively small country with a huge amount of natural diversity. It’s regions vary from sub-tropical beaches and arid desert to alpines and glaciers meaning you can pack a ton into your cheap holiday. Georgia also has delicious food with influences from all directions. The national dish, Kachapuri is pastry stuffed with molten cheese and eggs sure to make almost anyone’s mouth-water! 


£320 Flights / £10 Double Room / £2 Meal / £40 Visa 

A group of camel in Ethiopia walk in front of the sunsetDon’t be deterred by the flights and visa being a bit pricier, Ethiopia is a very affordable holiday destination with a huge amount to offer. Being the birthplace of Homo Sapiens 200,000 years ago with near constant habitation ever since, Ethiopia has an incredibly rich history that’s sure to keep you amazed throughout your visit. Indigenous tribes still thrive throughout the country and have vastly diverse cultures. Ethiopian food is incredible too, especially for vegans! There are many tasty vegetable curries and stews, and even Italian colonial influences making for some very special dishes you won’t find elsewhere. 

There are some vaccines recommended to travellers to Ethiopia, check the destination guide for more info on the health risks and make sure you book a consultation before you go.


£259 Flights / £15 Double Room / £2 Meal / £0 Visa 

This one’s really off the radar for a lot of people but definitely worth a visit. One of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, Kyrgyzstan has beautiful, vast plains with horses and yurts dotting the landscape. The cities are laden with Soviet relics and many people live a semi nomadic lifestyle with a diet heavy in horse meat and milk. For a real step back in time Kyrgyzstan in a must! 

There are some vaccines recommended to travellers to Kyrgyzstan, check the destination guide for more info on the health risks and make sure you book a consultation before you go.

North Macedonia 

£34 Flights / £10 Double Room / £4 Meal / £0 Visa 

Hailed as the cheapest holiday destination in the Balkans this ones a great place to visit if you’re pinching pennies. The country’s capital is said to be over 7000 years old and is blessed with incredible architecture. There are remnants of the Ottoman empire and Kingdom of Macedon as well as mountains, lakes and valleys throughout the country. The food is a delicious melting pot with influences from the Mediterranean, Turkey, North and Eastern Europe.  

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