COVID-19 antibody testing is rapidly becoming an important part of the global effort to reduce the risk from coronavirus and is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an integral part of countries’ COVID-19 strategy.

When will Covid-19 antibody tests become available?

In the UK, antibody testing can now be completed with Nomad in one of two ways. Either, we can take a blood sample in-clinic that is sent to a laboratory for testing. Or we will send you a self-test kit that you complete during a video consultation with a Nomad clinician for real-time results.

What types of COVID-19 antibody tests are available?

In-clinic COVID-19 antibody testing takes several days for your blood sample to be sent to our laboratory, tested & interpeted. However, this is the the most accurate method of testing currently available.

The COVID-19 antibody home test kits provide a result within 10-15 minutes of a finger prick sample of blood being applied to the testing cassette. The home tests are approved by MHRA for use under a clinicians supervision. The MHRA indicate that this is to ensure the sample is collected correctly and so the results to be properly interpreted. Much remains unknown about the coronavirus infection such as the length of protection after infection and the degree of protection against future infection and a clinican must use your results and other information to interpret an accurate result.

How to get a COVID-19 coronavirus antibody test

In-clinic COVID-19 antibody testing is available at select Nomad locations. Request an appointment to get yourself tested. For home testing, simply order your COVID-19 Antibody Self-Test Kit, we’ll book you in for a video consultation, and your Nomad clinician will guide you through the test & your results.

Unsure which Coronavirus Test is right for you? Compare tests or Contact Us for guidance on which test to take.

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