The Government has started listing international travel destinations as either Green, Amber or Red to more easily categorise destinations and their testng requirements. Each list has it’s own set of requirements that arrivals to the UK from those countries must adhere to. Here we take a look at the requirements for Amber List countries.

What is the Amber List?

The Amber List is a list of countries that are currently not advised for recreational and holiday travel. The lists is subject to a formal review at least every 3 weeks. As such, countries may be added or removed according to the latest COVID-19 data. Check the countries currently on the Amber List before making travel plans. Arrivals from Amber List countries must adhere to strict rules around quarantine and post-travel testing.

What are the UK entry requirements for arrivals from Amber List countries?

Arrivals from Amber List countries are required to quarantine and to complete post-travel testing. Before you leave your Amber List country, you must order your post-travel tests and complete a passenger locator form including your test booking reference. Arrivals from Amber List countries must also complete both a Day 2 & a Day 8 test to identify any potential infection on your journey to the UK. Order your Day 2 & Day 8 tests with Nomad and we’ll send simple self-test kits that you can do at home and send to our lab with the included return priority postage and COVID Priority post boxes.

Do I need to quarantine on arrival from Amber List countries?

Arrivals from Amber List countries must self-isolate for 10 days at a location provided to the UK Governement on your passenger locator form.

Are NHS Covid Tests Accepted for Travel?

Passengers must not use NHS COVID-19 testing services for the purpose of travel and must use approved private providers like Nomad.

Where can I get COVID-19 tests for travel to/from Amber List countries?

Passengers must arrange the required testing with approved private providers like Nomad for the purpose of travel. Our range of COVID-19 tests cover the current and ever changing requirements for international travel.

If you are travelling to/from an Amber List country, Nomad provides Day 2 & Day 8 testing and an Amber List Test Bundle that includes your Day 2 & Day 8 tests plus a pre-travel PCR test that your destination country may require – saving you £50+ when ordered together. Check out our range of COVID-19 tests for travel or contact us if you need guidance on which tests are required for your upcoming trip to a Amber List destination.

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