Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many countries have restrictive measures in place, such as having to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival or produce medical certificates. Furthermore, in many countries the FCO still advises NOT to travel internationally unless ‘essential’ and further to this, holidaymakers may have to be prepared to quarantine on arrival back in the UK AFTER a trip. However, many countries are now lifting prohibitive restrictions now you can grab that long-awaited holiday if you know where to look for your information so, find out what are air bridges and where you can go on holiday?. Start HERE for an up to date list of countries that are exempt from the ‘all but essential travel’ list.


What is an air bridge?

An ‘air bridge’ is an agreement between two countries that allows tourists to travel between the countries without restrictions on arrival. The UK has now lifted the arrival restrictions for countries deemed ‘low risk’ and have termed them ‘travel corridors’.  The official UK government ‘travel corridor’ list is HERE, which is your next port of call.


Further tips for going on holiday without restriction


  • Even if a country appears on the list it may still have fluctuating risk, hence changing arrival restrictions or requirements sometimes at very short notice. So always check back regularly to both lists, even while away.
  • It is worth noting that if you simply transit an area that is not on the list then you may still be subject to the 14-day isolation rules. Also, this is not just flights, it applies to ANY mode of travel between countries.
  • Health measures are set by each UK nation separately. Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland requirements can differ. So, it is essential to stay up to date and pay attention to the UK location you are leaving from and returning to.


How do I make the most of my holiday once I have decided where I am going?

If you have consulted the air bridge lists and planned your lovely holiday do come to visit us at Nomad for a comprehensive travel health consultation to help you further prepare for that long-awaited trip. We provide travel vaccinations, COVID-19 antibody tests and PCR testing kits, travel certificates and  medications to treat and prevent common health problems while travelling.


We can’t wait to see you and hear about where you are off to!


Thank you for reading our blog ‘What are Air Bridges and Where Can I Go on Holiday?’. Nomad Travel offers a range of including antibody tests and travel certificates, provided on completion of PCR testing. Contact us now to book an appointment


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