Information on this page is only intended as a guide to the travel vaccinations recommended for this country

Bahrain is an island nation in Asia, which lies off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

Recommended Travel Vaccines for Bahrain

Tetanus width=Anytime before travel
1 dose
Hepatitis Awidth=2 weeks before travel
1 dose
Hepatitis Bwidth=3 weeks before travel
3 doses
MMRwidth=1 month before travel
2 doses
Rabies width=4 weeks before travel
3 doses
Typhoid width=2 weeks before travel
1 dose
Yellow Fever width=10 days before travel
1 dose

*Vaccination schedules are approximate and are calculated based on the first dose. Schedules are subject to change depending on your individual needs and will be discussed in your appointment. These are the minimum times required to complete courses or for vaccines to become fully effective. You can always start your course of vaccinations earlier than stated, as vaccines work best when your body has time to process them. Your Travel Nurse will discuss any health implications in your appointment

Yellow Fever in Bahrain

There is no risk of Yellow Fever in Bahrain.

Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travellers over 9 months of age arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission and for travellers having transited more than 12 hours through the airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.

Malaria Risk in Bahrain

Malaria is not present in Bahrain.

Other Health Risks

Dengue Fever in Bahrain

There is a risk of Dengue Fever. It is spread by a species of mosquito called Aedes aegypti, otherwise known as the ‘tiger mosquito’ which mainly bites during the day. The illness is widespread throughout the tropics and subtropics, affecting over 100 countries with approximately 50 million cases globally a year. Currently most infections occur in SE Asia, South and Central America, Mexico, Africa, Indian sub-continent, Hawaii and the Pacific. There is currently no vaccination against Dengue Fever, it is therefore important to protect yourself during the day with bite avoidance products like DEET. For more information – click here.

We recommend you book a consultation with one of our specialist Travel Health Nurses to determine the exact vaccinations recommended for you based on a bespoke risk assessment that will take into account your itinerary, medical history, activities and length of travel, which are all risk factors affecting your immunisation recommendations. If you would like to book with us please call 01341 555 061 or click here. For the most up to date information, visit Fit For Travel and search for the countries you are travelling to.