The Go Travel Worldwide Adaptor is the ideal choice for all travellers requiring an all-in-one adaptor for multi-national use. It converts your three-pin British devices into either the round two-pin plug or the flat two-pin plug. This non-earthed universal adaptor connects travellers to over 150 countries, offering you flexibility to use your devices almost everywhere on your adventures!

It features 4 sliding pins that alternate between American, British, Australian and European configurations. Simply press the button on the side of the travel adaptor, slide out the relevant pins and you’re ready to go (this travel plug is suitable for use with small electrical appliances rated up to 2.5A/250V. Do not use with hairdryers).

*Material: Brass, PA66 Plastic, PC, PCBA Board
*Cautions: Check local voltage is compatible with your electrical product before use
*Do not use with earthed electrical products
*Does not convert voltage
*Electrical Rating: 110v-220v / 275-625w (2.5 amps)
*Weight: 103g
*Dimensions (closed): W 50 x H 50 x D 60 mm


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